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About Denise

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My name is Denise Vicente-Woods, I am a Pottsville, NSW local, and the Founder of FULLY BOOKED AIRBNB CONSULTING. 

My Story

I wear many hats – mum, wife, project manager, event manager, school administrator, and now entrepreneur!


Just like you, I am a short-term holiday rental owner along with my husband, and have been so for the last 10 years, therefore we fully understand the ins and outs of managing holiday rentals and the joy and stress associated with them. We have been Airbnb SuperHosts, as well as HomeAway/VRBO Premier Partner many times over the years.  


However, years ago being new to the world of holiday rentals, I didn't fully understand how to go about managing the various aspects of short-term holiday rentals, particularly having our holiday rental across multiple booking platforms. After a while though, my understanding about that particular aspect grew to the point where working with -- channel managers, booking sites, and online travel agencies -- became second nature to me. Now, I manage ALL aspects of our holiday rental business from check-in/out, communication with operators, guest enquiries, organising cleaners, to the financial side of things, and not to mention distribution of rates and availability to multiple booking sites.


Over time though, and through discussions with many friends who are also holiday rental owners, I got the sense that many holiday rental owners had a desire to branch out from Airbnb as their only means of holiday rental income, as well as their desire to improve their holiday rental offering in a way that allows greater occupancy, and subsequently, profits; however, the main barrier was that they had no clue HOW!


As a result of this, I realised that my experience and knowledge in relation to holiday rental ownership could be beneficial to other short-term rental owners, and that was how FULLY BOOKED AIRBNB CONSULTING was born.


Our service offering includes Airbnb Listing Review, Website Creation, Channel Management Services, and/or Airbnb Hosting Services.


I would love to help you on your holiday rental ownership journey by making the process less daunting for you.

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Booking Engine / Booking Platform Specialists

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